Ess loves to write allll the gritty, steamy romance tropes that pull at the heartstrings! She lives in (not always) sunny California with the alpha male of her dreams, four sons, and three very indifferent cats.

When she isn’t tripping over cats and spending time with her family, you can find her plugging away at her government job and dreaming of steamy fictional worlds, and sometimes, sometimes, she has a moment to put them to paper. (First official publication was in November 2022)

She credits Mr. Crawford, her 4th grade English teacher for her love of writing. See, in Mr. Crawford’s English class, he didn’t just assign books to read and the tedious book reports that follow. His assignments were more often, “write a 2,000-word story about heading West in a wagon train—use your imagination.”

Well, her wagon train story wound up being over 7,000 words, and that’s only because she ran out of time. Mr. Crawford showed so much enthusiasm for that story (and the ones that followed) that he even submitted it to a young writer’s writing contest where it won 2nd place.

She’s sure the stories sucked, but that it was his own love of writing and his enthusiastic encouragement that carried them and made such a tremendous impact on her. Without him, she probably never would have known what it is to have a fictional world burst into the psyche and demand to be written down.

She truly believes that we shouldn’t just encourage kids to read but to also write. Who knows, you might just be the only one who’s ever encouraged them to do anything.

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